Ren'ai Yahoo! Group Pictures History
  • Game: Pia Carrot e youkoso!! 3 (Pia☆キャロットへようこそ!! 3), released by FC02/F&C on 2001.11.30 on Windows (adult) and ported by NEC Interchannel on Dreamcast on 2003.3.27 and PS2 on 2003.3.27 (released as 'Best' on 2005.3.3).
  • Girl: Takai Sayaka (高井さやか), the protagonist's doukyuusei and initial crush.
  • Pic description: Sayaka, waiting for someone under the August sun.
  • Game description:
         "Summer, the season of young love.
         Under the bright sun, by the fresh spindrift and over the shimmering sea, you got the luck to have a summer job at the "Pia Carrot" restaurant where you have the surprise to meet your schoolmate crush, Sayaka... as long as many other cute girls.
         In the midst of your summer youth, you start forging unforgettable memories...
  • Displayed: 2005.5.23 to 2005.6.6
  • Game: Ever17~the out of infinity~, released by KID on 2003.11.27 on DC and PS2, ported on 2003.5.16 on PC as a CD edition and on 2005.6.17 as a DVD edition.
  • Girls (from top-left to bottom): Yagami Coco (八神ココ), Komachi Tsugumi (小町つぐみ), Tanaka Yubiseiharukana (田中憂美清春香菜), Matsunaga Sara (松永沙羅) and Akanegasaki Sora (茜ヶ崎空).
  • Game description:
         "An accident occurred resulting in the two heroes and five heroines trapped in an underwater amusement park, Lemu.
         Their time limit to find a way out is seven days, as the pressure inside the amusement park is too low compare to the sea outside."
  • Displayed: 2005.6.6 to 2005.6.27
  • Game: SHUFFLE, released by Navel on Windows (adult) on 2004.1.30 (Limited Edition), 2004.2.27 (Normal Edition) and 2004.12.17 (Standard Edition)then ported by Kadokawa on PS2 on 2005.10.20.
  • Girls (from top-left to bottom): Fuyou Kaede (芙蓉楓), Shigure Asa (時雨亜沙), Primula (プリムラ), Lisianthus (リシアンサス) and Nerine (ネリネ).
  • Game description:
         "In a world where gods (shinzoku) and demons (mazoku) live alongside and go to school with humans, the protagonist (Tsuchimi Rin) — who happens to live with his childhood friend since his parents died in an accident and his friend's father took him in as family — has his everyday school life troubled when he becomes semi-engaged to the two beautiful princesses of the god & demon realms.
         Will he survive the jealousy of the other male students? Will he survive the overjealous dads/kings who want to play matchmaker? Will he survive the upcoming exams?
  • Displayed: 2005.6.27 to 2005.7.11
  • Game: ロマンスは剣の輝きII, released by F&C on Windows (non-adult) on 1999.12.22, ported by Kadokawa Shoten on PSX on 2002.9.19.
  • Girls (from top-left to bottom): Janet Banrock (ジャネット・バンロック), Lykier Loosteen (リュキア・ルースティーン), Ellfarcia L Archline (エルファーシア・エル・アークライン), Spica Starlight (スピカ・スターライト) and Rina Karmine (リーナ・カーマイン ).
  • Game description:
         "In the Kingdom of Barran, there is a legendary thief, the Shadow Blade, who steals the (unfairly) rich to give to the (deserving) poor.
    Nowadays, his inheritor is trying to live up to his reputation. One fateful night, he meets a girl who asks him to find back her precious "Silver Rainbow"... The young boy accepts, not knowing that his quest for that item will bring him many companions (foremost girls, weirdly enough :p) and unveils the secret to the lands' history.
  • Displayed: 2005.7.11 to 2005.7.29
  • Game: With You ~Mitsumeteitai~ (With You ~みつめていたい~), released by Cocktail Soft/F&C on 1998.9.11 on Windows (adult) and ported by NEC Interchannel on Saturn on 1999.7.29 and PSX on 2000.4.6 (renamed 「絆という名のペンダントwithTOYBOXストーリーズ」 as it included the game's toybox and released as 'Best' on 2004.1.29).
  • Girls (up to down): Hikawa Naori (氷川菜織) and Naruse Manami (鳴瀬真奈美), the protagonist's childhood friends and the game's main heroines.
  • Game description:
         "Six years ago your childhood friend Manami left you and your other childhood friend Naori to move with her family to another country. This made you pretty upset and you're having many childhood flashbacks with Manami even today. One day during school, a familiar girl with glasses stood in front of you. Again, these childhood flashbacks kept coming back, at a very fast pace. Then something triggered you and you finally recognize the girl as the "grown-up" Manami who returned to Japan after leaving for 6 years...
         And that's how the story begins, but that's only the start of a very emotional and enchanting adventure and love story...
  • Displayed: 2005.7.29 to 2005.8.23