Ren'ai Yahoo! Group Pictures History
  • Game: Narcissu (ナルキッソス), released by STAGE-NANA as a free download on the Web on 2005.8.2, also available on CD since 2005.8.5, officially translated and released in English by and Haeleth on 2005.8.21.
  • Girl: Setsumi (セツミ).
  • Game description:
    "She was a highschool girl when she first entered the hospital, years ago, before the world started to forget about her, before she started to forget about the world. Before her time stopped.
    He was in his twenties and just got his driver's licence when he first entered the hospital, before he met her, in the Seventh Floor where time stops.
    Perhaps because they met, her time started to flow again, so she could start anew her journey, a journey perhaps decided when she first came to the Seventh Floor, a journey more than thirty thousands Japanese people make every year...
  • Displayed: 2005.8.23 to 2005.10.20
  • Game: Eien no Aselia – The Spirit of Eternity Sword – (永遠のアセリア – The Spirit of Eternity Sword –), released by XUse on 2003.11.28 on Windows (adult) and ported by Nippon1 on 2005.5.12 on PS2.
  • Girl: Lesteena Dai Lakios (レスティーナ・ダイ・ラキオス).
  • Pic description: someday, somewhere, two people may meet again and live afresh a love even the world forgot...
  • Game description:
    "After his parents died, his foster family got in an accident and his new parents died as well, Yuuto wished for anyone to help his sister. Then "someone" answered, in exchange for a pact, and saved her...
    Time passed. Yuuto had forgotten about that pact and is living alone with his sister, mixing school and job in order to take care of her.
    Then, one day, it's time for him to repay his debt...
    So he found himself projected in another world, a world of sword and magic, where, against his will, he has to take the sword and fight its wars... The Eternal Heavenly Swords' game has started...
  • Displayed: 2005.10.20 to 2005.11.16
  • Game: Tsuyokiss (つよきす), released by CandySoft on 2005.08.26 on Windows (adult).
  • Girls (from left to right): Kiriya Erika (霧夜エリカ), Kurogane Otome (鉄乙女) and Yashi Nagomi (椰子なごみ).
  • Pic description: come join the student association with the girls of Tsuyokiss (just don't make them mad)!
  • Game description:
    "You're a kid in highschool minding his own business when you run into (or get run down by, I should say), long lost cousin Otome, who's the head of the morals squad in school (and super strong).
    She drags you and your 3 best friends (including Kani, not in the pic) into the seitokai who's headed by Eri-hime. You then recruit Nagomi against her will, and start to do all sorts of stupid things.
  • Displayed: 2005.11.16 to 2005.11.28
  • Game: Chocolat ~maid cafe "curio"~ (ショコラ ~maid cafe "curio"~), released by Giga on 2003.04.04 on Windows (adult), rereleased on DVD format on 2004.12.23 under the ショコラ ~maid cafe curio Re-order~ name and ported by Alchemist on 2005.12.25 on Dreamcast and on 2005.6.30 on PS2.
  • Girl: Akishima Kanako (秋島香奈子).
  • Pic description: after so much heartache, together at last, bound by the red strings of fate.
  • Game description:
    "One day, your dad announces (from the airport, on his way to his honeymoon) that he is getting remarried, leaving you in charge of not only his restaurant, Maid Cafe ~Curio~, but your new little sister as well.
    First order of business, to explain things to (and get rid of) your semi live-in ex-girlfriend Kanako (whom you've never even kissed!).
    Then, on your way to picking up your new sister, Suzu, you have to rescue a naive runaway, Misato, from some shady men trying to take advantage of her inexperienced nature. And this is all before your first day as the new manager of Curio!
  • Displayed: 2005.11.28 to 2006.01.04
  • Game: Parfait ~chocolat second brew~ (パルフェ 〜ショコラ second brew〜), released by Giga on 2005.03.25 on Windows (adult) and rereleased on DVD format on 2005.12.22 under the パルフェ ~chocolat second brew Re-order~ name.
  • Girl: Katori Rea (花鳥玲愛).
  • Pic description: from rivals to lovers, walking off into the sunset with Rea, hand-in-hand.
  • Game description:
    "In Parfait, the sequel to Curio, you play the manager of Parfait, a rival antique cafe to the, now famous, Curio.
    Your original store burnt down in a tragic accident, but when you receive an offer to open a new store in a brand new mall, it turns out to be directly opposite Curio's newest store! No one gives Parfait a change to survive against such fierce competition, but you have faith in your staff... if you can just get them back together again. Everyone from your waitresses, your patissier (who's also your sister-in-law and dead set against reopening Parfait), and most of all, your former girlfriend who was also the chief waitress of the old Parfait.
    Will you win everyone's support back? Can you hold your own against Curio, and especially their chief waitress Rea, who is adamant about crushing your store? And who's that girl singing in your store before opening day?
  • Displayed: 2006.01.04 to 2006.01.16
  • Game: Yoake Mae Yori Ruriirona (夜明け前より瑠璃色な), released by August on 2005.09.22 on Windows (adult).
  • Girl: Feena Fahm Earthlight (フィーナ・ファム・アーシュライト).
  • Pic description: Beautiful Secret of the Ruins.
  • Game description:
    "The Princess from the Moon came to Earth, as Exchange Student at Tatsuya-kun (player)'s home and is in the same class with him. Why is she seems so familiar to him even though he never met her before?"
  • Displayed: 2006.01.16 to 2006.03.31
  • Game: ToHeart 2: X-Rated (トゥハート2: X-Rated), released by Leaf on 2005.12.09 on Windows (adult).
  • Girl: Kusugawa Sasara (久寿川ささら).
  • Pic description: Sasara wants to show Takaaki something.
  • Game description:
    "One day, Takaaki found on the roof a crying girl who had him promised to forget what he saw. When he met her later, she seemed a completely different girl, feared and hated by all. But Takaaki doesn't believe she was such a girl and decided to prove so to everyone."
  • Displayed: 2006.03.31 to 2006.05.30
  • Game: Triptych (トリプティック), released by ALcot on 2006.04.28 on Windows (adult).
  • Girl: Maya (マヤ).
  • Pic description: A Moonlit Fateful Encounter.
  • Game description:
    "Nayuta was a young boy living alone in a big house on the riverside, some distance away from a Venice-like city for as long as he remembered, though he had someone ("Kei") taking care for him... whom he never met nor even knew the gender, for they only communicated through letters.
    One night, when wandering around his school, close to the forbidden called the "Mirror Tower", he met a raven-haired girl, wearing just as black clothes on its balcony... a girl he felt he knew...
  • Displayed: 2006.05.30 to 2006.07.03
  • Game: Yatohime Zankikou (夜刀姫斬鬼行), released by Terios on 2005.12.16 on Windows (adult).
  • Girl: the girl who lost her self, Kiryuu Tsukiko (桐生月子).
  • Pic description: Lost Cat under the rain.
  • Game description:
    "Nagamine Yuuma never was your ordinary guy because the power he had to produce electricity.
    When he started to meet some kind of demons and especially the ogre-hunter Kusanagi Tou, he found himself entangled in the web of his origins, back in an island lost in the ancient cult of a long-forgotten god.
    Torn between a god's will, men's desires and his own wishes, would he be able to find himself and even more... love?
  • Displayed: 2006.07.03 to 2006.12.25