Ren'ai Yahoo! Group Pictures History

  • Game: Princess Maker 4 (プリンセスメーカー4), released by Gainax (Genex) on Windows on 2005.07.27.
  • Girl: your daughter.
  • Game description:
    Ten years ago, the human invasion of a certain forest enraged the demon king.
    This lead to a war which was stopped by a young lady.
    Unfortunately, she was taken away with the ending of the war.
    Though the king has offered great rewards for the safety return of this lady, efforts were in vain.
    One fateful day, you chanced upon a mysterious lady in the woods, who entrusted you her daughter....
  • Pic description: your daughter's first winter vacation.
  • Displayed: 2006.12.25 to 2007.02.01
  • Game: Prism Heart (プリズム・ハート), released by PAJAMAS SOFT on Windows (adult) on 2000.10.06 and ported by KID on Dreamcast on 2001.11.29.
  • Girl: Princea von Grünewald (プリンセア・フォン・グリューネバルド).
  • Game description:
    In the Kingdom of WindLand, a tournament is organized once every three years to select the kingdom's Knights.
    Yourself, Meistel Ritz, want to try your luck and, to do so, come from your own town to WindLand's capitale in the beginning of the year.
    In that one year during which you'll train to become one of the four winners of the Tournament and become a knight, will you find fame, renown and even love?
  • Pic description: a promotion poster for the game.
  • Displayed: 2007.02.01 to 2007.03.12
  • Game: Chocolat -maid cafe Curio- (ショコラmaid cafe curio), released by Giga on Windows on 2004.12.22.
  • Girl: Akishima Kanako (秋島香奈子), the winner of the 2007 RAML Tsundere Contest.
  • Game description: "
    One day, your dad announces (from the airport, on his way to his honeymoon) that he is getting remarried, leaving you in charge of not only his restaurant, Maid Cafe ~Curio~, but your new little sister as well.
    First order of business, to explain things to (and get rid of) your semi live-in ex-girlfriend Kanako (whom you've never even kissed!).
    Then, on your way to picking up your new sister, Suzu, you have to rescue a naive runaway, Misato, from some shady men trying to take advantage of her inexperienced nature. And this is all before your first day as the new manager of Curio!"
  • Displayed: 2007.03.12 to 2007.04.23
  • Game: AYAKASHI, released by CROSSNET/ApRicoT on Windows on 2005.10.28.
  • Girl: Natsuhara Orie (夏原織江).
  • Game description:
    You're Kusaka Yuu, a second-year student, gifted with some small ESP powers that you use, despite your childhood friend Yukushiji Hime not to. One day, the school's biggest bully, Sanada Kyouhei, learns about your powers and becomes interested...
    After having received a warning message from your other childhood friend, Makihara Izumi who yet died two years ago, you and Hime get caught in a fight where Kyouhei uses some kind of power to kill yakuzas. He tries to attack you as well, but you seem protected by some power.
    Soon, you meet Yoake Eimu, a mysterious girl who uses her powers to protect you, confront Kyouhei who wants to force you to show your full powers and have to use them in order to save Hime...
    And learn about those powers called 'Ayakashi'.
  • Pic description: Orie is mustering all her courage to declare her feelings to Yuu!!
  • Displayed: 2007.04.23 to 2007.06.11
  • Game: flutter of birds ~Toritachi no habataki~ (flutter of birds 〜鳥達の羽ばたき〜), released by elf/Silky's on Windows on 2001.02.23.
  • Girl: Nijikake Miama (虹掛美雨).
  • Game description:
    You're Matsui Yuusaku, a student in medicine and you're using your summer vacation of August to go and visit your uncle, who's a physician of an hopital in the rural town where you used to live as a child. There you stay for one whole month, helping the medical team as a training for your studies. During that month, you meet several girls, your childhood friend little sister-like cousin Ibuki, several patients in the hospital and a defiant girl of the neighbourhood, each of them hiding an injury in their heart. Will you be able to heal them?
  • Pic description: Miama is showing you her favourite resting place, her roof, where she can watch the stars at night.
  • Displayed: 2007.06.11 to 2007.09.21
  • Game: Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword2- (聖なるかな -The Spirit of Eternity Sword2-), released by XUse on Windows on 2007.08.03.
  • Girls (from left to right): Naya Tatca Nanafe (ナーヤ=トトカ・ナナフィ), a girl Nozomu met in the "World of Magic" and who used to know him in his previous life, Talia (タリア), a member of the fighting team, and Euphoria (悠久のユーフォリア), the daughter of the main characters of the previous game and who lost her memory of who she was and why she was there.
  • Game description:
    During the preparation of its festival, the Mononobe highschool got attacked by mysterious dogs, taking suddenly the appearance of armed women. Wishing to defend his friends, Setoki Nozomu, who had weird dreams about himself in a weird world, wielding swords, and murdering people, since his childhood, suddenly "remembered" some invocation and found himself with two powerful swords in hand.
    When he was fighting his best male friend, Akatsuki Zetsu, suddenly wishing to kill him and wielding a powerful sword similar to his, he got helped by his senpai, Ikaruga Satsuki, and his childhood friend, Nagamine Nazomi, who was suddenly able to conjure a war scythe. She also (unconsciously) had her Holy Beast transport the whole school... somewhere else, in order to escape from their attackers.
    Soon, Nozomu and the rest of the students who came to prepare the festival found themselves travelling through worlds, looking for a way back... and perhaps toward the truth behind Nozomu's powers, his past life and identity.
  • Pic description: during the peace period of another world jump, the students decided to hold a festival, in order to relieve stress and forget a bit about their situation. For their part, Naya and Euphoria decided to hold a maid kissaten -- and somewhat persuaded Talia to join.
  • Displayed: 2007.09.21 to 2007.12.07
  • Game: Virtuacall (バーチャコール), released by Fairytale on PC-9800 and FM-TOWNS on 1995.02.24 and on Windows 3.1 on 1996.4.26.
  • Girl: Precia (プリシア), the game's operator.
  • Game description:
    When walking in the streets, a girl gives you an advertisement for a new phone service, where you can chat with people of the opposite sex, make friends and ultimately find a mate.
  • Displayed: 2007.12.07 to 2008.03.27
  • Game: Aekanaru sekai no owari-ni (あえかなる世界の終わりに), released by CARAMELBOX on Windows on 2005.12.22.
  • Girl: Ripple (リップル), the main heroine.
  • Game description:
    Ripple is the best girl. There's no need to know more, until I take time to write a short summary of the game. Repeat after me: Ripple is the best girl, so so there's no need to know more about the game.
  • Displayed: 2010.01.10 to 2010.30.10